wow....time away

So, I've spent the last 2 bloody weeks working at Purdy's Wharf on backshift with no laptop to keep updated on this blog. Also, I've been sick and damn near dead, so I'm allowed some variance on attendance I think.
2 weeks of backshift should be punishment for murder I think. The social stigma (My god, you must be tired) gets to you after a while. I work different hours than clock is on the opposite side of yours.....yes, if I had your clock, I'd be fucking tired...but after say DAY 2, I adjusted because I am competent and capable of such changes.
The real problem with backshift for so long is that it puts you so far away from the rest of the world. Really, it does. I see my friends on the way to work at the pub....they're half in the bag and not at the level I can talk to.....barring me finding a designated driver that is. These shifts have stolen me from my social circles, my life and in some way from the summer due to the fact that my own rhythm requires me to sleep longer to stay awake for these shifts.
Regardless, they're all over now and I'm off for the next 2 days.....well, then back for a few more backshifts....then vacation with any luck...HA HA FUCKING HA!
Just so anyone who reads this knows........regardless of my schedule for work, I'm taking it.....
And why? Because I've reached a point of breaking that Minimum Wage was never allowed to make me do.....Expect new life after these posts my friends.....or whoever actually even reads this besides me....