My Mastercard thing

Paasche H Air Brush: $70

2 Cans of Propellant: $40

3 Bottles for Paint: $10

Hose Adapter for Propellant Cans: $10

4 Bottles of Pigment: $30

1 Bottle of Paint Medium: $15

Extra Hose to attach to Propellant Can: $5

Adapters for new hose,old hose and adapters sync: $25

Finding out that the money you spent adapting to a can of propellant costs more than buying an air compressor in the first place: Fucking Priceless

Breakfast of champions

Another great thing about this week has been the abundance of smoked salmon and bagels availed to me for breakfast almost daily this week. I've always loved the stuff and considered it to be the best start of a day. Taking the time to svor something in the morning makes the rest of the day seem almost trivial in it's drama and stress.

Weekly Update

Instead of a steady level of blogging on here, it's returned to sporadic and disjointed. Let's try a weekly approach from now on, shall we?

This has been a week of great opportunity and experience. Since the nice weather has kicked in I've been able to enjoy myself a little more each day and have endeavored to stay very active ansd busy at all times.

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to go and vist with one of Canada's most renowned artists, Tom Forrestall. I visited him in his studio and went through some of his work with him. An experience that dropped in my lap and I jumped onto it. VERY rewarding and was a catalyst for the rest of my week I beleive.

Thing I saw online

This seems to be a thing goign around on blogs I read...Thought I'd try it myself.
4 things I am looking forward to:
  1. Victoria Day BBQ tomorrow
  2. Swimming at the beach this summer
  3. Continuing out my artistic endeavors
  4. My next day off (that I don't get called in)
4 things I did yesterday:
  1. Bought a Tiki Torch for a project
  2. Got called in to work
  3. Sat at home and watched TV
  4. Repainted an old frame I had lying around

4 things I wish I could do
  1. Knit
  2. Math
  3. Sleep in
  4. Be consistant with blogging
4 things or shows I have watched
  1. Cash Cab
  2. Terminator 3
  3. Back to back episodes
  4. Fringe
4 of my favourite blogs:
  1. Daisy Yellow
  2. Today in Jens sewing room
  3. Strobist