Quick view of My Studio

Laptop, scanner and dresser full of wonderous things. Ok. Things I pick up on the ground and intend to glue into something mind-boggling.

My light table for tracing and finer paint work (old X-ray viewing light rescued and modified from the hospital) with a new 4 foot fluorescent  light installed, my paints (arranged chromatically, the only thing actually organized), and my current project (a 3/4 shaman mask with antlers).

Paints, moveable media cart, airbrush and paints.Resin shelf holds my airbrush and acrylic paints, wires, twines, strings, dremel tools and electronics.

Main work desk. Just finished making a miner helmet (hanging on the wall, top of frame)

Sewing area. Mum's old sewing machine and supplies, tailor form custom made from tape (soon to try adding resin/fibreglass to it)

The area I have to work in is kinda "L" shaped, so the area under the stairs is where all the bulky items end up living (foam core, cotton batting, etc). Red containers hold most of the spray paints I have.

Rough panoramic of the space I work in (no colour correction). Yes, it's a freaking mess right now, but any clean and organized space generally scares me.

Hope you enjoy my little space for my creations. They don't mind it so much.

(Probably NOT a..) New Disney Film

So, me and a friend were talking the other night and of course, it came to topics not to be repeated in front of little ones. Fast Cars VS |Fast Girls VS Disney.
This is the result whipped together in 5 minutes in photoshop.

edits for 6 year burlesque

first variation

second variation

6 year anniversary poster for pink velvet burlesque

These are roughs for the upcoming Burlesque Show in Halifax. The text is about 70|% filler text and means nothing and it meant to be edited.
One colour poster

and the Lick n' Dip variation.