50 km later

So, it's the week after my first day of my new position as Site Supervisor at my new job. The walk is about 7.6 km, and I've walked home every day. At first it was just to see, but now it's become something of a ritual, a time for me to just walk and clear my head of all the days events.

The job is actually great. I've been training non-stop and feel I'm really going to like it there.

It's like a whole lot of little things in my life are slowly coming together.

I'm eating healthier, making new friends, being more social, being more active, constantly making or creating, always researching new ideas and I inquired about the on-site staff gym (which I'll be joining on Thursday).

Just keeping the momentum up, and seeing where it takes me.

IV Pole

These are images of me carrying an IV pole over 7km home from work, and a couple pics of it by itself.
This will be a lamp in the next week.

dream #16

Last night I walked 7km around 8pm at night. I was trying to see how long it would take me to get to the Dartmouth General Hospital from my place. I was approached by my boss at work about a new position over there, and well I was just curious.

Perhaps walking there was a bit more ambitious than I had prepared for. About 5 minutes in, I felt pains in my stomach, but continued anyway. Long story short, I can home and sat down and then proceeded to be sick for about an hour and a half, having broken sleep. My dreams were scattered and fractal...again.

I dreamed I was in some sort of office. I've never been there before, but all the papers and magazines were haphazardly placed and stacked...some sort of purposeful chaos that I appreciate but am still fearful of touching. I was wearing some kind of winter get-up....a HEAVY dark blue nylon jacket and a clipboard.

That scene was broken by a quick run to the bathroom....ew.

When I got back to dream world, I was on a beach, shedding the jacket. It was an orange sky kind of place, with purple clouds and white sand. I just kind of sat there and let the sounds of the beach calm me. I knew that in real life I was sick, and this was a place that I could go to rest and feel better.

I woke up feeling fine, but my stomach is still tight. I hope this isn't the flu that everyone seems to be catching cause it's a nasty little thing, all 36 hours of it.

Completed Light box

Here is a Light box I made from an old scanner and a small bulb and a lot of hacking with the wrong tools.
The first view of the box is with a white garbage bag for diffusing light.

The second shot (side view) shows that I gnawed the side for an extra plug.

Third shot is of the envelope I made from fused plastic bags so that the glass wouldn't get scratched.

Fourth is shot of the light box peeking out.

Fifth is just a shot of the box with single light installed.....it's pretty bright, but the image doesn't show how well it's spread out.

Completed Projects

This is a collection of pics from a completed project.
These are images of a crown ad sceptre made out of bent together beer caps and a bit of glue here and there.
It's all for a fundraiser held at Blue Moon on the 24 th of this month for CKDU 88.1 FM and for ISCANS. The jewels will go to the Skag Drag winner, contestants being the performers of the night.
The next part to finish is the Sash, which will be made from Fused NSLC bags....more to come.

Colour Test

I won't tell you my score, but it is TOWARDS the lower end of the game.

On the plus side, it shows you where your spectrum is lacking down to the spectral frequency.


dream # 15

Last night's dream was a lovely mix of Dahli imagery and The Terminator computer dissection.
When I went to sleep, I had a few things on my mind....such as little things I've been putting off making and such. When I started to dream, these little things came to the front and center of the stage.
Quickly and methodically, I broke all the items down to their simpler parts, and looked at them spinning in some kind of 3D display, floating in mid air. Then as I concentrated more on them, they would split up into smaller pieces, and measurements would appear on them like translucent chalk lines.
Where the materials could be found would flash by as I concentrated on any element. A quick flash of motion of the retrieval of materials.....me going down the hallways, opening the closet and grabbing the material from "he upper box underneath the Christmas Lights with the picture of the teapot on the front of it and a dent in the bottom left corner". Very vivid and concise.
So vivid actually, that I've already begun sketching out all the projects and realize that my sub-consious is off by about an inch either way in everything.

dream #14

Well, I should preface this by knowing that I lost something important to me last night, or rather, last night discovered that it was no longer in my possession.
My first Server book.....as useless and boring as it seems, it's always had a special place with me. It's the server book I used while I was at Disney World, so there's a lot of memories attached to it and I've often just simply picked it up and been brought back to a better time and place. In looking for it, I had to go through hundreds of pictures and boxes of memories. I had to keep the search process short otherwise, I'd get lost in them all.
Anyways, my dream last night..
I was at some sort of late Fall picnic, surrounded by old friends and colleagues. It was a night time event...orange tents draped from the trees,ornaments celebrating Fall everywhere, kids playing in the leaves in the background. Everyone seemed happy to just be out of the house and around others who they cared about.
As I waded through the crowd of smiling people, I heard my voice from behind.
He was wearing a Dark Tweed jacket and open button up shirt, jeans I think. And he hands me an old near empty prescription bottle.
"I've been meaning to call you and get this back to you. You forgot this at the house one of the nights you stayed over."
It was a tall medical prescription bottle, clear plastic with a white safety seal & twist cover. In the bottom of the bottle were three partial light blue capsules. The prescription on the side of the bottle had my name, my old address from 5 years ago and the the name of the drug written: Promethean:100mg. (I'm guessing some connection to Prometheus, the guy who pissed off the Gods by bringing a Zippo to mankind)
I thanked the guy who seemed unfamiliar, but was happy to see me anyways, and decided to open the bottle and take one. As I opened the bottle and looked inside, someone was bumped and spilled their drink in my bottle.
They apologized and kept on their way, offering to buy me a drink to make up for it. I accepted and looked at the capsules, flowing and bobbing up and down on their own accord, unaffected by the currents of the liquid.
Deciding that since there was no *insert the name of the book that is used to standardize psychological disorders or prescription drug interactions...i forget which...* handy, I tipped back the bottle and let the pills go down my throat with a rumble and a sense of light swimming in my head.

woke up there....

something random

Ryvainka Steele......a huge fan of hers.

why technology is cool

Esquire Mag Cover

this is sweet...just had to throw it out there....my mind is racing now for other applications.

about dream sequence

Alright, so I just posted the last dream I had and named it Dream #13....yeah, I'm just dripping with imagination sometimes, eh?
Just thought I'd throw this in to give my Blog some level of authenticity.
I dream every night... vividly...well, with the exception of those 3 weeks on backshift....my circadian rhythm was a little messed up and my dreams were fractured impressions at best.
The only way I have to organize my dreams and posts was to publish them on here in an ordered sequence...though between dream 8 and 10, I had about a dozen dreams, I was unable to reach the blog in time, nor was a I able to write anything of them down...and then they blurred together. If I'm posting my dreams on here, I'll have nothing less than full accuracy and purity of THAT dream.
Regardless, barring my getting up late for work or whatever, I'll have something more concrete and more of the style that I want.
Earlier this week, I re-arranged my room and things to make a more functional space for me to live/work in. Overtime, I've collected little things/furniture that are kind of task-specific and/or organizational. I finally bit the bullet and took a full day without sleep to set it all up. I no longer have a bed room....I have a workshop with a bed in it. And as such, I've arranged a side table beside my bed so I can write down what can be remembered on those days that I know I can't get to a computer.
Alright.....back to work.....Since organizing, I've had a week of constructing, and it's gotten a little less than organized, but overall just needs a tidy up.

yeah, late again...

You know, I really do enjoy this blog.....even though I think maybe 3 people actually know of it's existence. By they way people who read this, tell someone else about it....just for fun....nothing against you guys, but c'mon, I could tell you guys all about this on MSN or something.
Anyways, from my last post, I was taking my bike down to check on repairs and costs and crap. I fucked up the gearbox thing on the back of the bike and bent the rim badly.....$40 for new wheel, $15 for new gear box.....bent the frame, that's another $25, check the lines and tensions on gear shifts/brakes....$10......so $90 to get my bike repaired, or $100 to get a new one from him. I decided to donate it to the shop for their cheap bikes for underprivileged kids. This is them --- http://www.idealbikes.ca/

dream #13

I was playing this weird racing game at the shitty arcade kinda place. It was an experimental prototype kinda ride. It was an inclined set of narrow stairs with a large monitor at the top.It was also in the shape of an elephant. like from that candy corn popcorn that you pick up for Halloween....it's pink.....and instead of holding onto the railing, you held onto this kinda Pantyhose like material. The game supervisor stood at the top and refereed the game experience, and would occasionally toss a slip of paper over his shoulder and whoever grabbed it won the money that was listed on it. It made no sense cause there were racing cars and such on the screen that represented each player, and for a while, i remember trying to 'control' my car, and racing it, but i have no controller....just a focused mind.
At the end of the game, where I tied for 2ND, I was handed a note written with a dull HB pencil and on a ripped out sheet of paper from a writing tablet.
"As in life, you kept blocking others. Stayed in fourth place, but won only due to furious driving and aggressive tactics. In future, do yourself a favour and pull a 'CRIT' and go to the pit to repair your car to get the necessary speed to race.
The armour for Lord of the Rings is missing interfacing between the inside layers .Also, the caps and scales on the armours have traditionally been black."
After the game, everyone seemed happy and felt like they were part of something great.
Until we had to go outside to go back to our car.
Did I forget to mention that there were zombies all over the world attacking and eating the living?....yeah, there were Zombies...and the world was lit in something like 'Diary of the Dead" style.