life and the search of it

So, I have my vacation lined up and ready to go. However, the time I was supposed to have off in the meantime has been....well, denied.

One of the guys I work with is an absolute Star....I mean it, he's top notch. He's my straight boyfriend. He leaves me movies and snacks cause I usually show up early and do little favours for him. He works more than I do and I understand his work/school needs.

Well, I did a few favours for him and he was all lined up to pay me back (such as working a backshift for me for the hours I covered). However, due to fuck ups and people getting sick/on vacation/being weak willed humans, he's not been able to reciprocate or help me out.

This is kinda shitty. It leaves me little time to rest or recreation and my social life has been challenged like never before these last few weeks.

Is it sad that most of my life now revolves around waiting with great anticipation for Law and Order on Bravo?...............