dream 9

I was playing hockey with 3 friends at the old rink back home in New Glasgow.

I never got to see their faces, but I knew that I could trust them.

After the game, we all went our seperate ways. I was going for coffee, so I opened the door to the parking lot and stepped out onto Spring Garden Road in Halifax.

Grabbed a coffee from a coffee shop that was doen over in Geiger's Style. The cappucino machine looked like some kind of spine-meets-italian plumbing get up done in silver with open flame lighting all over the place.

For some reason I was in a rush to get somewhere. But not one of those "Shit I'm gonna be late!" kinda rushes. More like "Running on schedule, keep the energy going kiddo" kinda rush.

I jet across the street to my meeting.....and that's about the end of it.