Blast from the Past

About a week ago, my mother came up for a visit and dropped off a bunch of albums from my youth since she was cleaning out the house.
Nostalgia reigned supreme for 2 days, but special mention was made for one particular envelope.
As she was sorting through it all, an envelope fell out. Her first instinct was to toss it, but it's weight was substantial enough for Mum to question what it contained. After she opened it, she remembered it and was thankful for her hesitant sorting.
A letter from one from my favorite teachers I've ever had, dated the day I graduated from elementary school, with advice for me for my entrance into Junior High. I remember the day and the letter like it was yesterday.
It's appearance happened during a time of perfect coincidences all in a row. During Grade 3, I began reading "The Chronicles of Narnia" series. At the time I was an avid dancer with my local clogging group and as I learned and mastered each new song and routine, my mother would reward me with a new book from the Chronicles of Narnia series.
After a week of consistent trials on my patience and endurance from work, someone from my office building offered me the complete set, as they were throwing them out. All the while, I was playing with working on a way to create an animatronic Reepicheap, a character from the novels. Naturally I took them home and delved again into the world of Narnia.
I've scanned it so I could share it with any of you who view this space online.
 And, still in perfect condition, in the same condition as when they were printed, here are the dollars.
Ever since I have received this letter, I have carried with me. It may seem like a silly thing to do, carrying a letter that is meant to prepare you for a time in your life that was 22 years ago, but the fact it is an artifact of my life and a big part of who I am today gives it something so much more than the paper it is written on.
It came at a time when I needed it most, though I didn't realize it.

Mum:"Do you remember when Miss Mahoney wrote you a letter the day you left Dr. W. A. Macleod---"
Lee"It was 3 pages about getting ready for the new school and she gave me 5 $1 bills 'cause they were done making them....I still have "Mr Wolf and me"...there are octopus stickers in it."
Life is funny when it throws you these neat little curve balls.
Thanks Miss Mahoney...for everything.

Fun Quote I saw online

"I'm not saying she's fat, but if I had to name the 5 fattest people I knew, she'd be 3 of them."