dream 2

This one really threw me off, though it was short, it was kinda intense.

I was walking on the beach, and my feet started to hurt inside my army boots. Why I was wearing Army boots on a beach, I dunno.... so I went to my bathroom to see what was wrong. Now, keep in mind, MY bathroom was somehow conveniently where you park the cars.

As i took off my shoes, my toes were swollen so much, that the nail was barely visible, and they were super red and sensitive.

I went to step down on the cold tiles to maybe take some of the heat off of them. This is the gross and jarring part. As I put pressure on my feet, they burst open and shot puss out....some of it landing on my face.

Guess who woke up at that point?

That dream was technically yesterday, as I work backshifts on the weekends. But today, after getting home, my feet felt really tight and warm. My big toe is slightly inflammed. Somehow I cut it and it's fighting a small infection.

Wow.......what useless psychic powers.

I'm not a hippie.....but.....

Someone sent this to me, and even though I'm a student of design and will end up in one way or another working for the commercial/consumption industry, I still try to maintain self sustaining practices.


(I tried to upload this video to my but blog, but it's like 50 megs....just go to the site and bask in its glory)

Anyway, watch the video.....you'll understand. It's 20 minutes long. I love the way it was done though. Simple animation.....almost childlike in its presentation. But she doesn't get too scholastic or simple...it's like a nice conversation....that you don't contribute too. The pace is well done and not condescending.

dream 1

I was at work, and for some reason, there was a picnic barbeque in the parking lot. It was a beautiful day, perfect wind, perfect sun....it had just finished raining in the morning...you could smell it.
There were balloons, clowns and ponies. The table had the traditional red gingham table cloth that flipped up in the breeze.There were people of all ages around, some I knew and some I didn't, but I was more than comfortable around them all.

Although the music playing was fine, I decided to slip off to the side and listen to music from my mp3 player. It was something by Beethoven....forget which symphony. As I was eating my hot dog, some relish fell to the ground. As I watched it fall and moved my leg to avoid it, I saw a pair of shoes walk into my field of vision.

I look up and see Ryan Malcolm, Canadian Idol guy( I never watch the show, so I wonder how he got in my dream anyway). He then accuses me of stealing his iPod and that he wanted it back that very second. At this point, I showed him that my mp3 player was a cheap ass Sansa Express......1/10th the price and obviously not his. This is where he turned into an asshole. Pushing and swering and waving his arms like a maniac. Pointing and accusing me of stealing his iPod that wasn't there.

Now, I know he's probably a nice guy. And I'm sure given the chance to meet him, artist to artist, we'd no doubt get along, buy each other drinks. Hell, I'd probably sleep with him push comes to shove. He's not exactly hard on the eyes.

At this point, some men pull up and escort him away. All the while, he continues to shout about me.

I turn my attention back to my hot dog and think to myself " Not only a nice day, but I got to meet a celebrity today...."


Well, I said that I'd end up posting my dreams on this site because I've always enjoyed sharing them. Unlike a lot of people, as I've found out, I have a high level of interaction with my dreams.

For example:
  • I dream in full colour or hypercolourized versions. And if I dream in black and white, it's for a purpose. Colour will still seep in....think Schindler's List cinematics.
  • I can read signs, but book text isn't possible. I never remember my glasses for some reason.
  • I'm able to affect and act.
  • I remember most dreams in vivid detail after I wake up for days as if they actually were a part of my day to day life.
The last one is the only drawback of the list. Since some of my dreams are so vivid and interactive, it can be hard to separate dream and reality at times.

Here's an example. Years ago when I was working in Florida, I entered into a week where I quit smoking by using the patch. This also ended up being one of the busiest weeks. Each night after working a double, I'd go home and go pretty much straight to bed. While I slept, I dreamed I got up, went back to work and worked another double, came home and went back to sleep. This happened for no less than 5 days in a row. One day I looked at one of my co-workers and said "Thank fuck tomorrow is Saturday, it's my only day off". She looked at me and said "Lee, tomorrow is Thursday." I reflected back and was absolutely sure that I had worked more shifts than that.

I wonder what level of sanity I live with...

time and space

I suppose that's really what's going through my head at this time of the day. 3:10am on a Tuesday morning. I'm stuck on these two things.
Recently, I've had one of those major upheavals of my life. Or perhaps a sudden awareness of the chaos and displacement in which I've chosen to live. That I've accepted for myself to live in. That I deserve?
Maybe because I watched a movie recently with a person whom I've had mixed feelings and actions with. I'm sure the last few dating experiences have left me with great questions after great confusion and mixed feelings. Maybe my recap on the sheer spectrum of my google.com searches for answers to questions both mundane and extreme in their topics scared me into this. No doubt my career shift from one of high intensity to the lowest societal impact is a part of this as well. I've certainly been given the gift of time to reflect, review and reconsider a great deal of things.
Time has suddenly become...finite.
And space has become...restrictive.
The two things that my 19 year old self had always seen as limitless and unending, the 31 year old me has suddenly turned my great attention to them both. And I find them to be at the wrong ends of the scale from where they should be in the 'great plan'.
I guess that's why I've decided to start this. Writing has always let me see and process what goes on in my own head. Even though I'll never hold these pages in my hand, there remains a certain tactility of it, if only in the process of writing it.
This is the part where I say 'I feel sleep coming on....I'll write more tomorrow', but really I'm going to look at my ceiling for a while, and tr to work the questions out of my head for the rest of the night. Then hope that I'll dream something and write them here later.
My dreams have always been fun to share anyway.