I want one of these....anyone else?

Ok, this showed up in one of my feeds in Google Reader.

If you know anything about me, you know that I absolutely hate doing laundry...hate it....like the hate I have for Nazi's and women who impose self entitlement to all seats on the bus because they are mothers........*grumble*.
This little thing is a no power, hand cranked, table top laundry machine. It's pretty simple, few moving parts and works on pressure. It's about the size of a propane canister and does about 1/3-1/2 load of laundry in like 2 minutes.
Now I hate laundry for a few simple reasons. The first being that I live in a building with 24 apartments in it and there are 2 washers and 2 dryers for us to share. At any given time, one of each works, and costs $1.75/load. The next closest laundry facility is up the street about a block. They have the little enviro-machines that use less water.....and hold half a load of a regular machine...and take longer...and cost just the same.
Anyways, I think I'm gonna pick one of these bad boys up and get my laundry on. I've found that when I can stay on top of my laundry, it's not so bad and I can deal with the concept of it much better.

Happy New Year

Well, the New Year came and for the first time in 10 years, I was on the right side of the bar. The side that drinks and dances and has fun instead of the one sweaty from stress and work and having to start the New Year ankle deep in "Vomited-Festivities".
And what are my plans for the New Year? Too many to mention, but I did decided to keep it simple and set some easy to focus in on "tasks/guidelines" instead of the usual "resolutions".
What are they?
1. Spend more time at the gym.
Since I already spend some time there, this is really more of a focus and something to put a bit more drive into. I've recently been on happier terms with my physique and can see a small, but marked difference in it for the better. A little bit more effort and I know I'll be ready for Speedo's come summer.....in my house of course.....cause Public Speedo's should be illegal.
2. Be more clear about my intentions.
This is more of a tweak of a philosophic bent. I've realized that I've worried more for the feelings of others in what I say more than the goal of getting a point across. This has left me more often than not in a spot of being misunderstood and having to repeat myself constantly. I used to mumble a lot, but overcame that. Now I've simply got to make my intentions more clear. In order to do this though, I'll have to have more confidence in what my intentions really are....ahhhhh.......not really that deep.....was hoping for more.
3. Live as an artist instead of living around being an artist.
I've really been pushing my art and my creativity off to the side these last few months from any combination of work stress, lack of sleep, under-inspiration, procrastination and lack of confidence. Yeah, that's all over with. My goal is to work on/design/plan/improve/finish any existing ideas each and every day and log them/catalogue them daily.
4. Be part of a Show/Exhibition in the next 6 months
Quite simply, produce enough work of a satisfactory level that I am comfortable putting it in a show and allowing my work to be criticized and/or sold. This is an important thing for me to do, probably the most important. This requires a lot of factors to come together and work in conjunction with one another, requiring the previous 3 Guidelines to have to fulfill themselves.
Not quite the Laws of Robotics, but it's what I think will work for me.