Great Ideas with Barbies

Just found this link through an instructables round-up.
This woman makes amazing pieces of jewellery from parts of Barbie Dolls and it's simply blowing my mind how simple, kinda creepy and wonderfully unique how each piece is.
Of course, I'll post a couple of my fav's up here.

Chest Neck Piece

Perfect Six Pack

Blonde Ken Head Ring

Check out the link above and enjoy!

Future Ideas

I've always been fascinated with Ouija Boards. We never had one growing up, but I've never felt that purchasing one was any different than trying to use a Monopoly board (which was manufactured at the same plant).

I've always felt that making my own would seem more....well, me.
I do understand the history and role of the Ouija oard, and I don't plan on having many seances in the near future.
Either way, here's one that I like. Link is here

Quick Update and something to distract you with

Well, it's been a while since I posted on this blog. 
I've moved and started setting up my first real in house studio. Previous to this, I was using my bedroom as a studio space with little to no luck actually seperating myself from my work.
Some would argue that the two should be all encompasing, but I disagree. Though it is good to remain focused on projects at hand, I can think of NOTHING worse than trying to sleep when I can see a painting that is too wet to work on/a sculpture still trying to cure/a laptop with a 3/4's finished poster design sitting on the screen/a half sewn garment just mocking me....teasing me.....robbing me of my sleep.
I should show you guys pictures of the new place, and at last pics of the new soon as I find out which box my camera is in. The other half has kindly lent me his camera, but I still prefer my own.
In the meantime, enjoy these drug free hallucinations I found online.


Yeah, it's done.