dream 11

Let's just prefix this blog to acknowledge that during this time I have been on Back shift and have had irregular, if any, sleep patterns.

This particular dream came during my esophagus/stomach attack.....and not like some kind of guerrilla warfare attack, more of me mistaking medication and damn near going to the hospital mid-shift to be dealt with. However, I knew they'd just sit me in a corner and tell me to relax and then discharge me....might as well make money at work and do the same thing, right.

I got home from work after walking about 1 1/2 hours. The walk normally takes me TOPS 20 minutes. The pain was unreal, and discomfort wasn't even on the radar anymore.

When I got to sleep, I started to dream almost immediately. I fell into a frothing pile of people....regular normal everyday people. They kept rising and falling like bubbles in a pot of boiling water, but in a much slower fashion.

As I was in that group, they all needed to interact with me.....they all needed to tell me about their day, and what's wrong with he world and why they're upset/happy/concerned/distraught/content/fulfilled.....any variation of human experience.

Just as soon as one would be almost finished of telling me their story, despite the concentration needed to even accomplish such a task, the would move away and be carried away by the still bubbling crowd.

The one thing that i remember from the whole group is the absence of colour. There were no shocks, highlights and really any dark tones to note. Everyone seemed to be wearing variations the same colours. White, black, tan and neutral beige. Everyone had variations of brown hair. All skin tones were within a small range, but all races were there.

It was very disturbing. As each person was pushed away, so was I, and then pushed into a new group of people and new stories/complaints. Throughout the night I was woken up countless times writhing in pain and discomfort.

When I woke up the next night for work, I was exhausted. This dream was the first time in a long time to actually continue for 4 nights in a row. It's been no less than 10 years since the last time I've experienced anything like this.