My Emperor and Empress...Disco Style.

Using these pics for The upcoming Disco Fever Show at Reflections Cabaret. The poster is actually pretty much done (thanks PSD Tuts!) just have to slap their pretty mugs onto it.

Pics from the Golden Oldies Show

Here is my "time machine".....the performers were brought to the stage using a "time machine".

Rough view of the stage set up.
Here  is  the re-newed sign that I salvaged from the Storage Locker Monster.

Elle's 5 Year Show

A poster for my friend Elle celebrating 5 years of excellance....or sumthin....

Sewing Machine Artifact

New Tailor Form

Well, my duct tape one finally bit the big one. I had it precariously balanced on a pole and had little to NO re-enforcement, and I put too many heavy clothes on it, so it collapsed in on itself.
Granted, at this point, due to being stored close to the window and all the temperature/humidity variations it was exposed to, it had pretty much become a nightmare looking thing. Almost entirely my bad. Alright! all my bad.
So, after watching an old tutorial on Threadbanger, I decided to just break down and build a new one.
It's a lot stronger, more accurate and was half the mess of the last one, not to mention $5 to make for the supplies. I ended up having to hunt for the supplies all over the city, and ended up finding them in the one store I knew I should have started in. So much for second guessing myself.

This was taken with my new camera by the way, which I'm still learning the ins and outs of it.
Overall, I'm VERY impressed with it and look forward to costume design/t-shirt airbrushing on it. I even debated covering it with a sheet of plastic and using it as another form that I can use specifically for t-shirts....more to come on that.

A nice DIY checklist

This is a checklist that I bumped into on that I really wish I'd had a few times in the past. Though, when it comes to DIY, I rarely have any real regrets, just REALLY HUGE learning experiences.
Though I can't seem to find the original blog for this, here is the original link....maybe someone can help me out with this.
Regardless,  I love it's simplicity and brutal honesty in approaching the subject of DIY projects, not to mention the font/style of it all. I might actually print this and put it on the wall whenever I am about to tackle a new project.

Dear God, I love Betty White

The Pope Song...just cause it's a bit dirty