dream 12

Ever have an animated dream? Like, a seriously Stylized and perfectly choreographed, scened and cinematographic masterpiece that just made you 2 inches shy of a wet dream?
Honestly, I don't care if you ever have. Cause I did. And to be honest, with my pagan approach to the spiritual and the divine, and my Mormon upbringing and it's connection to dreams, I have never before felt such a presence of God so strongly. It was like brainstorming with the big guy Himself.
This is a project, a vision, a karma.
Not to mention, absolutely the corniest yet most expressively accurate animation for my life and friends.
Ever heard the song 'Convoy', Paul Brandt's version/cover? Yeah, I know, it's redneck, but redneck has always spoke to me.......it reminds me of rural honesty and honour.
The cartoon I dreamed/experienced was me and the College of Monarchs driving trucks to the song. Each Reign had their own vehicle in descending order of lead in the convoy.
I'll post more later, I just had to get this out and posted before I got distracted from it.....I've not felt this intoxication of creativity in so long.