ISCANS Coronation 2011 Spread for Wayves Magazine

ISCANS Christmas Poster 2010

money maker makeup variations.

versions for perusal.

Business card
Just as a note, the black border is NOT on the final copy, but rather so you can see the borders on my white aryan as that sounds....


other variation:

And, for the editable version of the card if you want to add in your own text, here is the file sized out at 2"x3.5" standard business card size.

Here  is the editable file as a PSD document for photoshop.Copy and paste the whole link and you can download it from there.

Greeting Trick 'R Treaters

So, we ended up getting about 40 of the little haunters coming to the front door, so we WAAAY over budgeted for candy (such a shame, now we'll have to eat it all...damn it).
One thing we learned about giving out treats is that our front stoop, is that our front screen door opens outwards. This narrows the amount of space on the landing and forces the Little buggers to go back onto the stairs. This is also hard to convey to the smaller of the kids that we can't give them candy until they move out of the way first. Next year, we plan on taking out the screen window and giving treats out that way, kinda "Ice Cream Truck Style".
I got to play with my liquid latex a bit and greeted them at the door looking like this. I have to say, another GREAT Halloween.


This just makes me laugh so much,for so many reasons.

The Common Undead Gnome

Months ago, I was going through Dave Lowe's Para Abnormal Web Comic and saw this great one
Originally, I had thought about making it for Mr. Lowe cause frankly, I love his site and his work and have learned a great deal from him.
Then the other day, I checked out some links from Shadow Manor to these gnomes.
My partner and I can't decide which one we like better, but either way, it's being made in my Cave as I type this out.
I'm really not sure which one came first and frankly I don't think it matters. They are differant enough in concept and quite frankly, with zombies permeating all media and genres right now, I think this was an inevitable double creation.
With Halloween and Haunt enthusiasts, there seems to be such a give and take from one another, that there is no black and white, just grey area. I'm really just happy people are willing to just do it.

Poster roughs for ya's

All right kids, As Father to the House of Diamonds, I am proud to inform you of the upcoming event at Reflections Cabaret in Halifax Nova Scotia trhis coming October 24th.

Below is the poster for the event. Feel free to download it and distribute it as you will.

The next poster is simply a rough for the upcoming Turnabout show and premier's dinner.
The only thing missing is the date....which I do not have, but here's something to look at anyways.
Frankly, combining a Turnabout Drag Show and roast beef  dinner is harder than one would imagine....


Got the Date from Dennis, here's the final.

DUCKLING: Ball Ads for Mosdesto and St Catherines

Hey all. This post is one that may or may not concern you, but it certainly does to my little duckling.
Here are the Ball ads for the cities that you requested. I'm sure the spelling is fin and that the images will print out well....though they may have to be sized down a bit, something I'm sure that you can do if necessary.
Please download them with my blessing and such and such.
For those of you who don't know what these are, a quick overview. These are ads to appear in Chapter of The Imperial Court Systems chapters' Ball Program. The lovely lady in the picutre is Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty, The Sassy And Classy Ruby And Emerald Eagle,“She Is All That Jazz!” Empress 10 Of Halifax And All Of Nova Scotia:C. Leah Cruise and the charming gentleman is His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty, The Diamond Ruby Scorpion With A Topaz Tail, The Kid At Heart Who Loves His Rainbows, Emperor 10 Of Halifax And All Of Nova Scotia: Nate N! Bent (previously referred to as Duckling....long story, another time perhaps.)
You can learn more about The Imperial Courts System and the Halifax Realm by clicking here or by visiting your local library. You know, the place with all the books about TV.

St Catherines

Introducing : Gourdon Stein

Here is the final product of about 40 hours of work. I took a few pictures of the process, which I'll be adding to this post once I can compile them all (as they are scattered over three cameras).
But the essential process is a combination of ideas from Dave Lowe (thanks for the googly eyes painted as rivets), Stolloween (pretty much the better part of the construction and recipes).
Paper mache, mache clay, some hot glue and pieces of this and that I had lying around and clearing out old paint bottles I've had for at least 4 years. Truly an exercise in recycling and reusing and reducing what clutter I had in my workspace. I gotta say this is one of my fav pieces I've ever made.
He sits about 20 inches(500mm) high and is roughly 36 inches (900mm) round at the middle.

Here are the final pics as his top coat was drying.
Stay tuned for the steps involved in his creation in a separate post.

Halloween Costume

So, by running around and checking out some websites, I stumbled across this link to make a Stormtrooper Helmet from Milk Jugs.
I went through the rest of Lindsay's site and absolutely love the resourcefulness of making something great from something so common that she can do.. It really gets my fire going for making.
My partner and I are planning to make a few (for the boys) and see what we can do to scale them up a bit fr adults.

Pick Two

I got to explain this today at work to someone....always loved it.


After years of designing posters and ads and costumes and sets and props and etc, I've found that this triangle is the one truth and constant in everything.
So many times I've had people come up to me last minute with a challenge. Now mind you, I've gained the reputation of being the 11th Hour Man (not the best superhero  name, but whatever skills you got,eh?...) and have made wonderful things happen with just a few hours to go.  However, due to time constraints, they usually don't last past the time they need to be on stage. *sigh*
Just take a few minutes, my dear Maker friends, and put this theory towards any of your designs or constructions and you'll see at the very least a grain of truth in it.

Wok of Bones

Another little Halloween thing that hubby put together actualy using something I bought and something Mum gave me.
The kitchen is his area, that's just how it is. And by staying out of it, I receive roast pork and countless other goodies. The basement is my area. By staying out of there, he receives countless creations from my mind.
I picked up this 'Bag of Bones' from Shoppers for about $15.

I received this wok from my mum for nada, just needed it out of her house.
So, we combined them with some wooden utensils to make a nice little kitchen feature.
Not too shabby for a minute of work, eh?

Witch Tree Tutorial

Here is a quick and rough guide on how to make this. It was inspired from Martha Stewart's Tree and a my own access to supplies at the Dollar Store.
The theory and basic practice is here, but open to the supplies that you have.
Rafia Cord

Gorilla Glue
Air Dry Clay

Little Skulls

Not so little skulls

Plastic Wrap (any kind I supose)

Cauldron (plastic and Dollar Store)
Paper Mache Clay
Floral Foam
Branch (spooky)
Black Spray Paint,
River stones

rubber earthworms
Alright, First step, spread out some plastic wrap to protect the area. Then using your air dry clay, start making a base to hold your branch up straight in the cauldron. Use your judgement.

Cut up your floral foam to fill the bucket to help brace the branch.
Glue cay to the botom of the cauldron with gorilla glue.

Fill with floral foam.
Smear Paper Clay over the top to further reinforce the branch.

Let dry a little.
Spray paint black. The add gloss.

Start adding the stones to the paper clay and push them in a bit, thinking of how they will also help support the branch. When the clay dries, it will help hold the branch up.

At this point, I forgot to take pictures.
Essentially, just glue the string to the skulls in the way that you think looks best. Drill them, or just glue on top of the skull, you really can't go too wrong with this step. Also, you will probably not get the same skulls or the same ribbon as me. Again, use your judgment.
Also, the rubber earthworms and the tiny skulls were thrown in at the base of the branch on top of the stones to make the ground seem a bit more textured. (pic to follow soon)
And there you have it, a VERY rough tutorial on how to make a witch's ree