Dragon Trophy Update #5

Just a  quick update....not too much more done, but wanted to get some pics up on here.
Using the Easter eggs really helped me define the eye a bit better, it has a bit more character that the retarded horse it was looking like previously.
I also added the first layer of papermache to the horns to get a rough idea of where everything is going to sit and end up. Try as I might, wireframe and guidelines don't ever give me the confidence that things are going to work out.
Also added paper mache clay to the inside of the mouth to help the teeth sit better and make the mouth look more like...well... the inside of a mouth. The hard part was making something the tounge (which was made from shaping some tinfoil and covering with mache) could attach to, while still having an opening to the throat.
So here's a shot, inside the maw of the beast.
You can see the throat hole, as well as a few teeth that took some damage when I dropped it when moving it to dry. I kinda like the slightly damaged teeth on him actually....gives him a bit more 'grizzle'.....if that's the right word.
Like I said before, he's really a design on the fly, but I've been having a lot of happy accidents with him.

Dragon Trophy Update #4

RAAAAAAWWWWWWRRRRRR! Salt Dough Teeth......rawr.
and new eyes...the styrofoam ball cut in half was glued in an uneven fashion, so I replaced them with a plastic easter egg cut in half and hot glued in place...

I'm working on the tongue right now and have the top row of teeth in the oven as I write.

Dragon Trophy Update #3

So I took the image from the last stage into photoshop and roughed out the final idea. Originally, I was going to free form make this (fake it as I went really) but decided that design decisions had to be made so it would finish the way I want it to.
 The "Before"
 The "Kinda After"

Teeth to be made with salt dough,  gills made from coat hanger wire and starched fabric, and still deciding the skin texture. One option is individual scales made from slab paper mache, the other is paper mache clay shaped and carved into the scales.