Posting a good day

Today was one of those weird days that we all have. It started off good, went bad, then horribly wrong, then settled out to even in the end.
I decided to go and get some supplies to make yet another Christmas ornament ( for the lobby of the hospital that I work at, so off to the Dollar Store I go.
On my way there, I decide to treat myself to an eggnog latte at a coffee shop that I used to work at. It's considered a treat because it breaks the $5 line for something I can normally make at home for less than a buck.
After getting it, I remember it's too hot to drink right away, so I save it for browsing whilst shopping. 2 minutes into the store I see an old friend and give her a big hug. This is when it starts to get kinda shitty. She accidentally bumps my arm on the 'hug release' and my coffee, without Sip 1 taken from it, falls to the floor in the store. Big Mess.
I'm a patient and understanding sort of fellow. She apologized profusely and offered to buy me another coffee to replace it, but let's just say she was out on 'business' and calling her on the new coffee would interupt her transactional process. I let it go and convinced her it was indeed no problem, and she could get me another time.
At this point I found an employee of the store and informed her that I had dropped my coffee, was very sorry for making a mess and that I would be more than willing to help her clean up the mess.
I forgot how snarly and horrible retail can turn a person. This girl just about ripped my head off and all but told me to get out of the store for making her clean up the mess. I stood close to the spill to alert other customers about it and directed the traffic around it. When she arrived brandishing a mop, I quickly moved out of the way of her work and stare. Rarely do I ever say these things, but WHAT A BITCH!
After I picked up my supplies, i headed back to the coffee shop to pick up another. they were surprised to see me again so quickly and assumed I had loved the last coffee so much that I had gulped it back and needed another one. It wasn't until after I had received it that they heard my story and were taken aback by it, and then told me had they have known, I wouldn't have had to pay for the replacement.
So, some marbles in one basket, and some in the other, life balances out in the end. The treat was well earned, but $10 more than I had planned to use for myself today. *sigh*

dream #17

Although this isn't technically the 17th dream I remember, it's the 17th one entered.
Last night/this afternoon I dreamed I was a member of the Republic Army in Star Wars......just another clone.
We did formations and drills over and over again. I was somewhere towards the back of my unit and basically just saw the backs of heads for an hour long dream.
Then we had a break and as we all took our helmets off, I saw rows and rows of clones of myself. Each one was slightly different than the next. Facial piercings, tattoos, missing teeth and scars. As I scanned the crowd it seemed that each clone of me was what I may have looked like or how I would have changed my appearance if I had chosen the 'other' in the choice in my life. Had I have not checked for traffic that one day, had that urge to pierce my nose been stronger that week, had I have no jumped back from the fire that one time and walked away with only a singed eyebrow.

Woven Fused Plastic

I'm sure that somewhere along the lines of this blog I mentioned fusing plastic shopping bags.
Why? This has a nice colour, that one has a neat texture, the logo on that would look great with this and taht and that and etc, etc, etc. You never seem to have enough when you get into it. I went through 60 shopping bags in less than an hour and still felt like I could have fused more.
Let me tell you, it can become something of an addiction. Everything that's wrapped in plastic you kinda keep and squirrel away to be used in the next fusing.

Well, here's the results of one thing i made. I took some old pieces that were too short to do anything with, cut them into strips, wove them together, then fused them again.
The final material is bendable, sturdy, but not so watertight. It was something of a playful job, no intent of purpose other than experimenting.
I'll be finishing off my supplies today to try to re-make this, only stronger and better.....and because i'm tripping over my supplies as it is. gay

Here's the quilt so far. The image makes it look like nothing is anywhere never being aligned, but trust me, everything is fine. Except my floor may need a good vacuuming. I have just one more row to do.
It's made from all of my old t-shirts that were destined to go in the garbage because they were too stretched, stained, burned or just plain wore out. Instead of doing the landfill thing, I found an idea online of making them into a quilt/blanket. That way I'll kinda still have them around.

Rememberance Day...I remember my blog

The last few weeks have been very involving and crazy and haven't really even had time to myself, however, I'm here to update and load this thing up chocked full of modernity and current information.
I'll just start with some Halloween pics.

This year for Halloween, I went out as a mad scientist. Usually, I choose a costume that has a lot more imagination and definately as far away from cliche costumes as I can get. This costume was differant in that I sewed the whole thing by myself.
You have to understand, that 3 months ago, I couldn't sew a stitch and decided that wasn't acceptable. especially since I design costumes and props, stage sets, etc. This was a skill that I was seriously lacking and decided to do something about it.
This costume was my first attempt at few-on sewing and it turned out very well...especially for not having a pattern. I used a rough idea of a pattern from pictures and a small tutorial I found online. (
I made the goggles out of some TP tubes and some curved plastic packaging I found at 2am one night after a bad dream and needed to burn off the energy. Took me about an hour and a half.

Quick dream explanation: I dreamt that my father moved in with me, and was sleeping on a bed in the living room of this REALLY wicked apartment I had just moved into. On our way out of the house some guys started to come at me and dad and accused my father of killing some woman. He said he was just having loud sex...ahem....yeah, really odd dream....and then for some reason, I threatened the guy by offering to rip out his throat...see why I woke up with nervous energy?
More to come in the next little while.