Dream #18

Ever have one of those nights where dreaming and reality kinda blur together? And even though it should make absolutely no sense, everything just seems to gel together nicely.
At some point before I was going to bed, I had thought I wanted a wooden clock radio...much like the one pictured. Nice and clean lines with light up tube for the time instead of the red LED/LCD/ugly as shit light thing that drives me so insane. I headed off to sleep, but wasn't sure if I really did this when i was awake or not.
I set my alarm clock to wake me up for 5am for work. Then I set the wooden alarm clock for a half hour later. Then decided to go to bed.
When my alarm went off, I hit snooze on it, then the alarm on my wooden clock went off....I hit the snooze on it as well. This went on for about an hour. Finally a I got up, marvelled at my wooden radio alarm clock and headed off to get a shower. On my return from the shower, I was slightly shocked to see that my shitty plastic alarm clock was the only one there. Like a lover suddenly missing, I felt such a tremendous sense of loss and betrayal.
This clock is on my wish list.....I've dreamed it so. If you love me, you'll return it back to me...though I never really owned it.....whatever.....buy it for me.

Trials and Wash Cycles

If you are anyone like me, you hate doing laundry to a point that almost defies convention. I would rather clean my bathroom with my own toothbrush in the dark than do even a single load of laundry.

This ends up with me having about 8-10 loads of laundry to do when I finally either A) get the nerve to get the task done or B) actually have time from an 80 hour work week to attempt such a task.

Yes, I know, if i just inched away at it day by day it wouldn't be near as daunting or overwhelming. But like I said.....80 hours away from home each week leaves me very little time to get anything done. Furthermore, when I return home the last thing I want to tackle is another chore.

So here's what really burns me and gets me irked enough to try to scream it all out on a blog or any other venue that I can find. LAUNDROMATS close at the earliest hours!! I just called about 6 of them in my side of the city and 3 were closed at 7pm, 2 more were closed at 8pm and one is open until 9pm. So, if you get home at 6pm from a 14 hour day at work, good luck getting anything done.

Oh, and by the way, I just got back from the one that closes at 9pm....I was about 7 people back from the next machine. Seems everyone in the city is as bad with laundry as I am. Not to mention that 1/3 of the machines are broken/in need of service.

In my building, there are 2 machines to wash and 2 to dry with. One of each is out of service, I have however managed to finagle my way into using one of them. I'm on my way to go get my 2 days worth of clothes dried and ponder how I'm going to get the other 2 weeks worth done.

Tired and beaten

As the date of this post suggests, I've been more busy than usual as of late. Last week alonme I logged in over 70 hours at work and took very little time to rest and rejuvenate.
On top of the work I've been doing (my job), I've also been taking the time to help out with the decorating of the lobby at the hospital. It seemed simple at first untill I remembered just how big the lobby actually is. Enter the feeling of 'Daunting", but I'll persevere.
I've got a few other projects on the go right now, but I intend to finish them or at least get a go on them tonight.
Right now, that pic is me trying to relax. Fucking Classy eh?

Who's out there?

I was curious today about who all actually reads this. I know I've done sweet f*ck all to promote it, except to a few friends, and was curious who all actually reads it.
As the author of it, I'd like to ask you the reader to just say either a 'Hey!" or to provide more input to me with a quick situational thing.
This Saturday, I'm working an 18.5 hour shift in a small booth. The booth will provide me with full cable , but TV gets boring after so many hours. Here's the input aspect: I'm a crafty sorta guy, what would you like to see me make in this 18.5 hour span?