The final poster for Coronation Week

Strangely enough, this is actually the first day of events poster....just kinda happened that way in the planning.

The Tough Drag Show

Combo #17

The BIG Poster

FINAL COPY of the Events Week poster. This is gonna be at 24" by 36"

They just keep on coming

Poster for the In Town Show

Trying to keep with the feather themed wallpaper idea......though in my vision it has a gothic/grunge frame thing happening....but you gotta make what you gotta make.

Posters for Coronation

Well, it's come to that time of one year of service to my community as Emperor of Halifax and All of Nova Scotia has come to it's final days. We end our year with a huge celebration of fundraising, brotherhood/sisterhood, family and friendship. We call this Coronation. It is the night we bring the new Emperor and Empress to the seat of power for a year, and we, the former Mnarachs, step down and take our role as Dowagers for their year and just be there and support them in their year.
These are the basic posters for the events. They were designed to sit side by side and have something of a regal look to them.

Overall, I'm alright with these, but I'm always my worst critic for these things.....any comments?

Something I need for my little Princess

I was chasing links through some of the craft and design sites I frequent (my usual Sunday afternoon distraction) and I came across this at Shelterrific
My cat has horrible customs when using, rather, not using her litter box unless it is totally hidden from sight. I think this will be a back burner project, but something that might just work.

New Years Day Table

I got the honour of designing the table this year for New Year s Dinner. Threw these pics up on the ONE resolution I made this year (Creative Everyday Challenge) and feel really confident I will be able to hold this one through


I suppose the funnest part of this was when I stopped thinking and just DID it.....gotta love old server skills in action.