somewhat back to life

Well, the backshifts are finally finished.......for now.

After 3 weeks of consecutive backshifts, I'm back to work on afternoon shifts.

The change over has been easier than I thought it would be. The trick? After I finished work the other day at 8:30am, I stayed up untill about 7pm and grabbed a quick nap. The got back up around 3am in a small sense of panic thinking I was late for work, then're just a fool. Back to bed and then up this morning at 10:30am. Went and grabbed a coffee and just enjoyed the world around me waking up.

Now, I'm getting ready to walk down to my old site and get my bike that I trashed on my break about a month ago. Driving in the dark, downhill, bad brakes and a pothole that could swallow a raccoon together made a bent wheel and twisted work.
**The image above is NOT my bike, just a stock image I found that looks almost exactly like my back wheel**
The basic plan is to see what it will cost to get it fixed, but if it's going to cost too much, I think I'll just donate the bike to the shop so they can cannibalize it and re-use what they can. They have a program set up where they do this and put together cheap bikes for kids without the means to get their own. They also offer an incentive of in-store credit to all who participate.
To be honest, this is more like what I'm going to end up doing. I have a friend who has a bike he's willing to part with, provided it goes to a good home. It's a mountain bike, but he's looking for a city/street bike. I think this will make a good trade.
Well, I'll let you all know how it all turns out. the only thing I hate about all of this is that since the wheel is SO twisted, I'll have to carry the bike up to the shop through downtown......if you know Halifax at all, it's Canada's equivalent to San Francisco in geography....nothing but 30 degree inclined hills.