Final Variations on a Theme

This is the final copy to be sent out to Calgary's Ball Program.
A slight variation, but all the good stuff is in there.

Calgary Ad

Here's the promotion for Coronation 2010. We're sending this to other Courts for Promotion

Upcoming Event

Ham and Scalloped Potatoes.....$5.....c' you could think of a better way to spend an afternoon.

The Day the Music Died...

Today, the inevitable happened. My mp3 player FINALLY died. A year's worth of use and abuse has finally taken it's tole.

It had a good life.

Just part of the design process...

Here's the final version of the poster for Investiture. For those who do not know what Investiture is, it's a show that we have with ISCANS in which we celebrate the membership and give out the titles for the year.
Always a good time with some of the best performers we have in the city.
Hope to see some of you out!

Dream #19

I was standing outside of a Hydrostone building in the mid spring.....half the grass was green and some flowers were peaking out. Then, my current room mate came walking up the sidewalk towards me. Inside I knew it was 5 years since I had seen him.
We started talking, somewhat awkwardly, trying to catch up on what we've been doing. He had recently been promoted to a higher position and was working between 2 cities, and I had just celebrated my 2 year anniversary of working from my home studio.
About this point he asked me why I was in this neighborhood. The door to the building burst open and a boy, 4 years old, came bursting out yelling "Daddy!!!" and running towards me. I bent down to pick him up and spun him around saying "Hi Bradley!!" and held him on my right arm where he nestled into my shoulder.
"This is daddy's friend, Richard.... say hi to him" which he shyfully did and then hid his face smiling into my shoulder.
"'re a dad now......uhm....alright"
"Yeah," I responded. "Me and Michel adopted Bradley here a year ago, didn't we Bradley?"
He giggled and shuffled around his green backpack as I tickled his sides......"Yeaaaaaaaah.....where's Papa at?"
" He's coming soon....but we have to say goodbye to Richard....say Bye now"
"Bye..." he half heartedly said looking at a passing butterfly, then to a passing propane truck
"Good to see you Richard! talk to ya soon!"

For Matt to see