Reflections Ad Backup-EDIT

This is an ad for Reflections Cabaret that I was asked to do on a last minute cry for help. Deadlines sneak up on all of us from time to time and this one snuck up on my friend Stephen. He realized that the deadline was the next day and he was working untill 6am that same dayt. He called a friend looking for a last minute designer who could accomplish this in less than 3 hours, and my friend recommended me.

To be paid in booze....liquidated assets.

Upcoming Show: EDIT-RE-EDIT

This is finally a show that starts early enough for us to have all ages actually attend, and it's not taking place ina bar....for once...LOL

This poster is innaccurate and the date has changed.....which means I now have a big box and high quality glossy scrap paper......*grumble*
New Show date is slotted for August 15th, 2009. Same Bat Place, same Bat Channel.
I'll be taking the 60+posters I have at home and tweaking them somehow to reflect the new date and perhaps enhancing them to a degree that they can be more functional, streamlined and able to convey the information that we want. This is a chance for the Court to expand its audience base, raise much needed funds and reach out the community a bit more than previously accomplished.

Something I noticed

On the font page of the Chronicle Herald yesterday, I noticed a striking similarity of an image from art classes that most people would recognize. Though at first, it seemed obvious, closer inspectionmade me realize it was purely fluke.
However, it got me thinking of why the artist chose this image to use on the newspaper. Was it purely a consious decision or was it one of those things that just kinda rides the back of your mind.

You decide....I'm gonna think on it further.

Upcoming Show


So,my boyfriend picked a Wacom tablet for after my many months of begging and trying to negotiate pay to get this thing. I wrote most of this blog freehand with an app that translates your script into fonts.....just too much for me at once to handle really...back to playing..

My Latest Poster

Update to come......I'm just getting coffee into my system for the day