For my Drag Queen Friends.....

Found this link at  Laura Thoughts for a Magnetic Make up Frame.
Love its simplicity to view everything you have in your arsenal and keep it up and off the table at any given time.
I think if I were to modify this, I'd not use a patterned paper like that, but rather a 50% grey colour/simple patter to REALLY see the colour for what it is. Another option would be to use a colour close to flesh tone to see how the colours should look when applied.
Another option would be to double the frames, hinge them on a mirror so it can close and add a light to the top (most likely a more intricate and involved lighting system than a top light......overhead lighting *shudder*).
Just an idea, but wouldn't be too much more work.

Japanese City Logos

Today I found this great link to Japanese City Logos through Signalnoise , AKA:  James White, amazing visual artist here in Halifax.
I don't have very much experience with the Japanese language, let alone design, so this was a new exposure for me.
I really like the simplicity of colours used for these, and the further you read into them, they suddenly become incredibly complex.
Admit it, you started thinking about how to do your hometown, didn't you? If I were to try, I'd have to somehow combine Pulp and Paper plant with golf course and farms into a logo for my home of Abercrombie.