Rise to power...kinda

So in my last post I mentioned a little thing about being an Emperor. I suppose I should elaborate on that.
I'm a member of ISCANS: The Imperial and Sovereign Court of Atlantic Nova Society. It's a fundraising society for charities that is part of a vast number of chapters across Mexico, USA and Canada (the exact number eludes me at the moment). It' comprised mostly of people from the gay community who are performers, read:Drag Queens.
I myself am not a drag queen in this Reign, though I have been known to throw on a wig and heels from time to time to keep the social order. And I'm quite fabulous...but I digress.
Each year a new Emperor and Empress are elected from the membership body to fulfill the roles of figureheads of the society and to represent them in a very positive light. The job requires a year's commitment of work and planning to make it a success, and though utterly exhausting, it more than worth it.
The sense of community, spirit and comradely is what thrills me about it. Working shoulder to shoulder with every person in the community for a common good cause is almost what makes me get up in the mornings sometimes, I swear.
To make it official, I'll let you know my title and let you imagine a bit more before I post more/ edit this post.
You may now refer to me as:
His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty The Gemmed Phoenix Risen from the Ashes For Another Round Make It a Double Cause “You’re Pretty”Emperor VI and Regent Emperor IX OH MY GOD – THAT’S 69!
Big Daddy Diamond Lee Bent Dover

or Your Majesty, for short....

we now interupt your irregularly scheduled blog

Here's a poster for the mockjail we're holding at Menz Bar on Friday, the 20th of Feb. Come lock up friends and such for the night, with all proceeds going to local charities of ISCANS.
Oh yeah, by the way...I'm Emperor of Halifax and all of Nova Scotia...again....more on that later..