dream 3

So, for some reason, I was diagnosed with something that gave me about 1 month to live. After the depression sunk in, I checked my lottery ticket and realized I won about $4 million. Not exactly an even balance, I know.
I spent the next few weeks in and out of hospital, making phone calls and planning.
The last day of the month, I died. And in accordance with the plans I had made, only the immediate people were informed. My body was then cremated into ash.
One summer night, all of my friends and family to the 'Merb for the final event. The pyrotechnic guys were already set up. As was the huge catering tent and sound system guys.
As the sun set, and the sky reached the perfect darkness, they all went to their blankets spread out across the beach and watched the sky.
"If you're here watching this, I'm no longer with you....though that's not exactly right either..."
It began with a smoke machine creating a wall that projected pictures of me and my friends, and a message telling them how thankful I was for sharing the journey with them, and that instead of mourning me, this was a celebration of my life and my last gift to them.
There was to be no burial, as I was alread cremated. My ashes were put in small satchels and strapped to each piece of firework. I would leave them in a blaze of glory, light, colour and sound. My method of leaving would be something of joy for those around me.
The music began quietly and slowly rose in volume.
I left this world on wings of light and colour, with the 1812 Overture playing. That song has been the closest I have ever found to my appreciation of my friends and those important in my life.
I woke up feeling more alive than ever before....and I couldn't tell you how many times I've listened to the 1812 overture since then.