dream 7

So, last night's dream was far from enjoyable. Which makes no sense because the day I had before I went to sleep was easily one of the best days I've had in a very long time. >thanks to all my girls<

I awoke in my dream on the floor of some large room, very 'SAW' looking kinda room. There was a girl there that I have never seen before, urging me to get up on my feet. We had to go, we had to get moving.

She was about 5'6", with dark curly hair, soft skin and big blue eyes. She wore some kind of coursette-action hero body armour with matching block heel boots. Then I noticed what I had on.

Looks like another hero dream. Black poly-vinyl-leather material body armour with large gloves suitable for smashing things, with brass covered wires connected to my back,and pieces of metal over the entire suit.

This is about the part that she started screaming at me again.....loudly. So, I started breaking down the wall and getting away from 'something'.

Again and again, wall after wall, through room after room, I kept breaking through. No two walls were the same.

Each room was differant as well. After the dungeon room, we were in an abandoned surgical bay, then a storage room, etc..

Ordinarily, this kind of dream would blend off into distant memory, but this dream kept going in vivid detail.

I woke up exhausted and in physical pain. I'll blame the dream for my soreness, not the fact I played baseball yesterday after a long refrain from physical activity.