dream 5

I'm bent down in front of Saks Fifth in Orlando, fixing my skates. They're black leather with gold stitching and golden blades. Something like a Steampunk bowling shoe with skate blades on the bottom.

The entire parking lot has a golden glow about it....like eternal dusk. The sodium street lights hum, but it's a melodic hum, like the after-ring of a timpani. Instead of the lot being paved with stone or concrete, it's a single sheet of some deep yellow metal.

I finish tying my skates, grab my shopping bags and skate off towards the hotel. The wind is soft and sweet as it blows past my face and as fast and as hard as I skate, my lungs seem more than capable of drawing whatever breath they need. The burn of my legs is a good burn.

As I realize this, I begin pushing harder and going faster, the beach getting closer and closer. As I reach the top of my speed, I hunker down and launch arms spread and kinda break free of my form into little particles of white and gold light.

It felt so good, like the ultimate release. I woke up with my arms spread out and the sun on my face. And, it's been a pretty good day.