dream 4

So, there I was in a dark alley, running from the cops. I had just sprayed a wall with a piece of art. It was a 12 foot long by 8 foot high font work.

It said simply "The why do you do it?". A phrase I picked up from a Guerrilla Art Site some months ago. It was used by spraying it on sidewalk tiles sporadically through a city to give people some introspection, in a word of seclusion without reason.

As I reached the end of the alley, i realized that I was cornered and had no way out.....but up. I lit off 2 smoke bombs and proceeded to leap from wall to wall to wall back and forth and always up, having the smoke cover my escape and of course add drama to the whole ordeal.

On the final jump, I landed on the rooftop of a bar and continued running across rooftops until I jumped off of one towards a garbage bin. Midfall, I dropped the backpack I had with me that contained all of my gear, but knew none of it had my fingerprints on it. Just to be sure, I ripped off my outfit (black on black cat burglar style) to reveal a respectable mid summer outfit ( of shorts, printed tee and sandals, threw the clothesinto the bag and lit a smoke bomb off in the bag.

Then I sauntered home and watched the sirens go whizzing up and down the street, grabbed a coffee and giggled to myself.