dream 2

This one really threw me off, though it was short, it was kinda intense.

I was walking on the beach, and my feet started to hurt inside my army boots. Why I was wearing Army boots on a beach, I dunno.... so I went to my bathroom to see what was wrong. Now, keep in mind, MY bathroom was somehow conveniently where you park the cars.

As i took off my shoes, my toes were swollen so much, that the nail was barely visible, and they were super red and sensitive.

I went to step down on the cold tiles to maybe take some of the heat off of them. This is the gross and jarring part. As I put pressure on my feet, they burst open and shot puss out....some of it landing on my face.

Guess who woke up at that point?

That dream was technically yesterday, as I work backshifts on the weekends. But today, after getting home, my feet felt really tight and warm. My big toe is slightly inflammed. Somehow I cut it and it's fighting a small infection.

Wow.......what useless psychic powers.