dream 6

This dream made little to no sense for me, and unlike previous dreams I've had, I had little to no control over my actions and movements. That fact alone made the experience quite uncomfortable and distressing.

I was in a warehouse that was in dire need of repair. Rusted holes in the roof and support beams that were splintered and twisted. There were pieces of old farm equipment (like the steam powered kind from the late 1800's to the early 1900's...you know, with the metal wheels and such).

As I looked around the space, I realized how dangerous it was there. The creaking and moaning was louder than it should have been for the light breeze blowing through it. As I tried to move, my feet would not respond. When I looked down at them, they were fused into the floor and had seemed to grow some kind of root structure like a tree into the cement.

The breeze grew a bit stronger and I felt the presence of a crowd grow around me. The dust blew up in dark grey clouds which formed rough human shapes. Some had discernible faces, others had only hands or limbs that I could make out.

They swooped towards me, and through me, chilling me as they passed. They screamed random phrases in voices of pain and torment.

Couldn't run, couldn't scream, couldn't understand them.

Finally they returned to dust, and settled back on the ground. But as they all became piles on the floor, the floor itself turned into the same black dust and began to break apart into tiny particles. My feet were no free from their cement prison as the cement no longer existed. Soon, I was caught up in a swirl of spinning dust, the roof starting to fly apart and the beams croaking and screaming one last time, joining the chorus of whining wind, tortured voices and and screeching metal.

When I thought I could take no more, I let out a scream that seemed to stop the chaos in a super slow animation. With a loud clap that sounded similar to the sound and thump of jumping into cold ocean and your ear hits the water flat, the dust came rushing towards me solidifying around me like a stone cocoon.