The beginnings of Halloween Props

And it begins.....
After weeks of reading, sketching, planning, costing, searching, debating what to make, what not to make, I've come to the conclusion I'm going to make a very Burton-meets-Poe kinda Halloween theme of things. Maybe a little Mary Shelly mixed in there. Ok, maybe some AD&D themes as well.
First up on the creation block is this.
The book is an image from Dragon Magazine/Monster Manual concept art. I bought the supplies to make something like this last year but got distracted when I was making this and this and of course these.
So they sat in a box waiting for their time to come to life. I'm starting work on these using a combination of techniques from Stolloween, Dave Lowe, Indy Mogul and....uhm....let's go with Instructables.
Off to work and 'll post pics as progress is made.