Halloween Costume Ideas

Here's a couple ideas that have been running through my head for costumes. This post will be re-edited a dozn times before I'm done I'm sure.
First up, Thor (source image is from CGSociety site....can't find the artist to link it back.)This is a just a thought waiting to be fleshed out, but still able to be modified. REALLY love the bracers wth the lightning bolts on them, and the fact that I've always seen Thor as a forger rather than flashy warrior....no idea why.
Second, Hellboy & Abe Sapien (couple's Costume). This one works because of our body types, and the fact that I really wanna mae both of them, thoguh they would require a great deal of time and money to make. Then again, anything worth having is worth that.
Next up, a variation on Hellby, Van Helsing. This is one I've always wanted to do. It's got that sort of alhemical/steampunk/classic anti-hero thing going on that I've always loved.
Next, just cause it's Kitsch, some kind of male witch.  But mostly I'm posting these images cause they are too funy not to include.
Even though it's a Sims skin I found somewhere, it's a good jumping off pont. I'd like that hat to be more like this. I'd change the moon/star image, but pretty much keep all of the rest. I'd also keep the brown leather material and make the above costume with the same palette of colours, but in the same style.
As you can see, my mind is still whirling around and maybe it'll settle down on something in the next week or so, providing me wit enough time to put something together and have it ready on time.