Final (rough) shots of the busts

Final pics of the Bust
These pics are a wee bit overexposed, but the final finish was accomplished by dry brushing antique gold metal pait onto the textured form. Besides the paper mache clay texture, I added a rough wash of paper mache glueépaste to the model to give it a very rough look.

I really wish I had some side profiles to these....
These were both given to people I respect and love. The bust at the top with the collar was given to Darryl, a bartender who has always been there to help me out. The night I brought it in, he loved it and made sure everyone knew it was hand crafted and that he loved the both of them. The night of the show, we ran into a few problems and Darryl rose to the occasion and helped me more than I would ever have hoped. In respect to his efforts, I offered whichever one he liked the best to be his in appreciation.
The other bust was given to Nicol, a dear friend who loved itès work equaly as much and appreciated the work it took.
I should probably mention this is a faut of mine, always GIVING my stuff away when there is a profit to be made, but I accept this fault as part of who and what I am. I have never given a piece to anyone who did not recognize the work, love and resourcefullness it took. Additionally, I would never give anything I made to someone who I would not expect to enjoy it and appreciate it for what it is.