Apparently it's a bad thing.

Yes, Martha Stewart's Halloween Handbook is out and I bought it. $10.95 Canadian and totally worth it.
It's not just the fact that it's full of tricks and costumes and good ideas (which quite frankly, about 50% at least are on the her website anyways) that made me by it, but I've always been impressed with the way that it is put together. High photo gloss pages front to back, excellant layouts and fonts to die for....I need a moment to collect myself.
I should get something from the magazine for plugging it, I think.
Most of my friends make fun of me a little for buying it each year, but then they remember how much I love Halloween and that I pretty much buy it and everything down to colouring books with a Halloween theme.
I found a few little things that I might try to do with my personal celebrations, such as the mice silhouettes on the stairs made from black paper. Simple, but I finally have stairs to do it on.
Alright, I gotta get back to my paper mache pumpkins that I'm making again this year finish up my spellbook I posted about earlier.
I'll leave you with this airbrush and ink Halloween bat by yooki42