Witch Tree Tutorial

Here is a quick and rough guide on how to make this. It was inspired from Martha Stewart's Tree and a my own access to supplies at the Dollar Store.
The theory and basic practice is here, but open to the supplies that you have.
Rafia Cord

Gorilla Glue
Air Dry Clay

Little Skulls

Not so little skulls

Plastic Wrap (any kind I supose)

Cauldron (plastic and Dollar Store)
Paper Mache Clay
Floral Foam
Branch (spooky)
Black Spray Paint,
River stones

rubber earthworms
Alright, First step, spread out some plastic wrap to protect the area. Then using your air dry clay, start making a base to hold your branch up straight in the cauldron. Use your judgement.

Cut up your floral foam to fill the bucket to help brace the branch.
Glue cay to the botom of the cauldron with gorilla glue.

Fill with floral foam.
Smear Paper Clay over the top to further reinforce the branch.

Let dry a little.
Spray paint black. The add gloss.

Start adding the stones to the paper clay and push them in a bit, thinking of how they will also help support the branch. When the clay dries, it will help hold the branch up.

At this point, I forgot to take pictures.
Essentially, just glue the string to the skulls in the way that you think looks best. Drill them, or just glue on top of the skull, you really can't go too wrong with this step. Also, you will probably not get the same skulls or the same ribbon as me. Again, use your judgment.
Also, the rubber earthworms and the tiny skulls were thrown in at the base of the branch on top of the stones to make the ground seem a bit more textured. (pic to follow soon)
And there you have it, a VERY rough tutorial on how to make a witch's ree