yeah, late again...

You know, I really do enjoy this blog.....even though I think maybe 3 people actually know of it's existence. By they way people who read this, tell someone else about it....just for fun....nothing against you guys, but c'mon, I could tell you guys all about this on MSN or something.
Anyways, from my last post, I was taking my bike down to check on repairs and costs and crap. I fucked up the gearbox thing on the back of the bike and bent the rim badly.....$40 for new wheel, $15 for new gear box.....bent the frame, that's another $25, check the lines and tensions on gear shifts/brakes....$ $90 to get my bike repaired, or $100 to get a new one from him. I decided to donate it to the shop for their cheap bikes for underprivileged kids. This is them ---