dream # 15

Last night's dream was a lovely mix of Dahli imagery and The Terminator computer dissection.
When I went to sleep, I had a few things on my mind....such as little things I've been putting off making and such. When I started to dream, these little things came to the front and center of the stage.
Quickly and methodically, I broke all the items down to their simpler parts, and looked at them spinning in some kind of 3D display, floating in mid air. Then as I concentrated more on them, they would split up into smaller pieces, and measurements would appear on them like translucent chalk lines.
Where the materials could be found would flash by as I concentrated on any element. A quick flash of motion of the retrieval of materials.....me going down the hallways, opening the closet and grabbing the material from "he upper box underneath the Christmas Lights with the picture of the teapot on the front of it and a dent in the bottom left corner". Very vivid and concise.
So vivid actually, that I've already begun sketching out all the projects and realize that my sub-consious is off by about an inch either way in everything.