dream #16

Last night I walked 7km around 8pm at night. I was trying to see how long it would take me to get to the Dartmouth General Hospital from my place. I was approached by my boss at work about a new position over there, and well I was just curious.

Perhaps walking there was a bit more ambitious than I had prepared for. About 5 minutes in, I felt pains in my stomach, but continued anyway. Long story short, I can home and sat down and then proceeded to be sick for about an hour and a half, having broken sleep. My dreams were scattered and fractal...again.

I dreamed I was in some sort of office. I've never been there before, but all the papers and magazines were haphazardly placed and stacked...some sort of purposeful chaos that I appreciate but am still fearful of touching. I was wearing some kind of winter get-up....a HEAVY dark blue nylon jacket and a clipboard.

That scene was broken by a quick run to the bathroom....ew.

When I got back to dream world, I was on a beach, shedding the jacket. It was an orange sky kind of place, with purple clouds and white sand. I just kind of sat there and let the sounds of the beach calm me. I knew that in real life I was sick, and this was a place that I could go to rest and feel better.

I woke up feeling fine, but my stomach is still tight. I hope this isn't the flu that everyone seems to be catching cause it's a nasty little thing, all 36 hours of it.