dream #14

Well, I should preface this by knowing that I lost something important to me last night, or rather, last night discovered that it was no longer in my possession.
My first Server book.....as useless and boring as it seems, it's always had a special place with me. It's the server book I used while I was at Disney World, so there's a lot of memories attached to it and I've often just simply picked it up and been brought back to a better time and place. In looking for it, I had to go through hundreds of pictures and boxes of memories. I had to keep the search process short otherwise, I'd get lost in them all.
Anyways, my dream last night..
I was at some sort of late Fall picnic, surrounded by old friends and colleagues. It was a night time event...orange tents draped from the trees,ornaments celebrating Fall everywhere, kids playing in the leaves in the background. Everyone seemed happy to just be out of the house and around others who they cared about.
As I waded through the crowd of smiling people, I heard my voice from behind.
He was wearing a Dark Tweed jacket and open button up shirt, jeans I think. And he hands me an old near empty prescription bottle.
"I've been meaning to call you and get this back to you. You forgot this at the house one of the nights you stayed over."
It was a tall medical prescription bottle, clear plastic with a white safety seal & twist cover. In the bottom of the bottle were three partial light blue capsules. The prescription on the side of the bottle had my name, my old address from 5 years ago and the the name of the drug written: Promethean:100mg. (I'm guessing some connection to Prometheus, the guy who pissed off the Gods by bringing a Zippo to mankind)
I thanked the guy who seemed unfamiliar, but was happy to see me anyways, and decided to open the bottle and take one. As I opened the bottle and looked inside, someone was bumped and spilled their drink in my bottle.
They apologized and kept on their way, offering to buy me a drink to make up for it. I accepted and looked at the capsules, flowing and bobbing up and down on their own accord, unaffected by the currents of the liquid.
Deciding that since there was no *insert the name of the book that is used to standardize psychological disorders or prescription drug interactions...i forget which...* handy, I tipped back the bottle and let the pills go down my throat with a rumble and a sense of light swimming in my head.

woke up there....