about dream sequence

Alright, so I just posted the last dream I had and named it Dream #13....yeah, I'm just dripping with imagination sometimes, eh?
Just thought I'd throw this in to give my Blog some level of authenticity.
I dream every night... vividly...well, with the exception of those 3 weeks on backshift....my circadian rhythm was a little messed up and my dreams were fractured impressions at best.
The only way I have to organize my dreams and posts was to publish them on here in an ordered sequence...though between dream 8 and 10, I had about a dozen dreams, I was unable to reach the blog in time, nor was a I able to write anything of them down...and then they blurred together. If I'm posting my dreams on here, I'll have nothing less than full accuracy and purity of THAT dream.
Regardless, barring my getting up late for work or whatever, I'll have something more concrete and more of the style that I want.
Earlier this week, I re-arranged my room and things to make a more functional space for me to live/work in. Overtime, I've collected little things/furniture that are kind of task-specific and/or organizational. I finally bit the bullet and took a full day without sleep to set it all up. I no longer have a bed room....I have a workshop with a bed in it. And as such, I've arranged a side table beside my bed so I can write down what can be remembered on those days that I know I can't get to a computer.
Alright.....back to work.....Since organizing, I've had a week of constructing, and it's gotten a little less than organized, but overall just needs a tidy up.