dream 1

I was at work, and for some reason, there was a picnic barbeque in the parking lot. It was a beautiful day, perfect wind, perfect sun....it had just finished raining in the morning...you could smell it.
There were balloons, clowns and ponies. The table had the traditional red gingham table cloth that flipped up in the breeze.There were people of all ages around, some I knew and some I didn't, but I was more than comfortable around them all.

Although the music playing was fine, I decided to slip off to the side and listen to music from my mp3 player. It was something by Beethoven....forget which symphony. As I was eating my hot dog, some relish fell to the ground. As I watched it fall and moved my leg to avoid it, I saw a pair of shoes walk into my field of vision.

I look up and see Ryan Malcolm, Canadian Idol guy( I never watch the show, so I wonder how he got in my dream anyway). He then accuses me of stealing his iPod and that he wanted it back that very second. At this point, I showed him that my mp3 player was a cheap ass Sansa Express......1/10th the price and obviously not his. This is where he turned into an asshole. Pushing and swering and waving his arms like a maniac. Pointing and accusing me of stealing his iPod that wasn't there.

Now, I know he's probably a nice guy. And I'm sure given the chance to meet him, artist to artist, we'd no doubt get along, buy each other drinks. Hell, I'd probably sleep with him push comes to shove. He's not exactly hard on the eyes.

At this point, some men pull up and escort him away. All the while, he continues to shout about me.

I turn my attention back to my hot dog and think to myself " Not only a nice day, but I got to meet a celebrity today...."