Introducing : Gourdon Stein

Here is the final product of about 40 hours of work. I took a few pictures of the process, which I'll be adding to this post once I can compile them all (as they are scattered over three cameras).
But the essential process is a combination of ideas from Dave Lowe (thanks for the googly eyes painted as rivets), Stolloween (pretty much the better part of the construction and recipes).
Paper mache, mache clay, some hot glue and pieces of this and that I had lying around and clearing out old paint bottles I've had for at least 4 years. Truly an exercise in recycling and reusing and reducing what clutter I had in my workspace. I gotta say this is one of my fav pieces I've ever made.
He sits about 20 inches(500mm) high and is roughly 36 inches (900mm) round at the middle.

Here are the final pics as his top coat was drying.
Stay tuned for the steps involved in his creation in a separate post.