The Common Undead Gnome

Months ago, I was going through Dave Lowe's Para Abnormal Web Comic and saw this great one
Originally, I had thought about making it for Mr. Lowe cause frankly, I love his site and his work and have learned a great deal from him.
Then the other day, I checked out some links from Shadow Manor to these gnomes.
My partner and I can't decide which one we like better, but either way, it's being made in my Cave as I type this out.
I'm really not sure which one came first and frankly I don't think it matters. They are differant enough in concept and quite frankly, with zombies permeating all media and genres right now, I think this was an inevitable double creation.
With Halloween and Haunt enthusiasts, there seems to be such a give and take from one another, that there is no black and white, just grey area. I'm really just happy people are willing to just do it.