Woven Fused Plastic

I'm sure that somewhere along the lines of this blog I mentioned fusing plastic shopping bags.
Why? This has a nice colour, that one has a neat texture, the logo on that would look great with this and taht and that and etc, etc, etc. You never seem to have enough when you get into it. I went through 60 shopping bags in less than an hour and still felt like I could have fused more.
Let me tell you, it can become something of an addiction. Everything that's wrapped in plastic you kinda keep and squirrel away to be used in the next fusing.

Well, here's the results of one thing i made. I took some old pieces that were too short to do anything with, cut them into strips, wove them together, then fused them again.
The final material is bendable, sturdy, but not so watertight. It was something of a playful job, no intent of purpose other than experimenting.
I'll be finishing off my supplies today to try to re-make this, only stronger and better.....and because i'm tripping over my supplies as it is.