Rememberance Day...I remember my blog

The last few weeks have been very involving and crazy and haven't really even had time to myself, however, I'm here to update and load this thing up chocked full of modernity and current information.
I'll just start with some Halloween pics.

This year for Halloween, I went out as a mad scientist. Usually, I choose a costume that has a lot more imagination and definately as far away from cliche costumes as I can get. This costume was differant in that I sewed the whole thing by myself.
You have to understand, that 3 months ago, I couldn't sew a stitch and decided that wasn't acceptable. especially since I design costumes and props, stage sets, etc. This was a skill that I was seriously lacking and decided to do something about it.
This costume was my first attempt at few-on sewing and it turned out very well...especially for not having a pattern. I used a rough idea of a pattern from pictures and a small tutorial I found online. (
I made the goggles out of some TP tubes and some curved plastic packaging I found at 2am one night after a bad dream and needed to burn off the energy. Took me about an hour and a half.

Quick dream explanation: I dreamt that my father moved in with me, and was sleeping on a bed in the living room of this REALLY wicked apartment I had just moved into. On our way out of the house some guys started to come at me and dad and accused my father of killing some woman. He said he was just having loud sex...ahem....yeah, really odd dream....and then for some reason, I threatened the guy by offering to rip out his throat...see why I woke up with nervous energy?
More to come in the next little while.