dream #17

Although this isn't technically the 17th dream I remember, it's the 17th one entered.
Last night/this afternoon I dreamed I was a member of the Republic Army in Star Wars......just another clone.
We did formations and drills over and over again. I was somewhere towards the back of my unit and basically just saw the backs of heads for an hour long dream.
Then we had a break and as we all took our helmets off, I saw rows and rows of clones of myself. Each one was slightly different than the next. Facial piercings, tattoos, missing teeth and scars. As I scanned the crowd it seemed that each clone of me was what I may have looked like or how I would have changed my appearance if I had chosen the 'other' in the choice in my life. Had I have not checked for traffic that one day, had that urge to pierce my nose been stronger that week, had I have no jumped back from the fire that one time and walked away with only a singed eyebrow.