The Town Clock

Headpiece made for Natassha N for the Mz Gay Halifax Pageant.

Town Clock of Halifax located on Citadel Hill

Headpiece made on my kitchen counter 
(with artificial turf lined shrug on the body form in the left background)

And mounted on Natassha's head

The entire set was made for under $20, including paint, glue sticks and materials.
The clock is constructed out of salvaged foamcore (a seating chart for a charity event held by the Nova Scotia Mental Foundation), wooden dowels from the dollar store, a ping pong ball, a cat toy painted white and an old plastic bowl covered in water activated packing tape and given a faux copper finish.
The shrug is made froma hula hoop, artificial turf, glue stick and a couple toy cars from Value Village.
Total amount of materials: $18.50.  Total amount of  time building the set: Approximately 24 hours (including drying time).