Dragon Trophy Update #7 (Almost there....)

First shots of the nearly complete dragon!!! He's not entirely complete, as I still have to do his eyes, seal him, and may be going at him with an airbrush for a bit to get the shading I want.

I'm not entirely sure I'm loving the green version, he looks a little first generation GODZILLA for me.But green is a good one to start with.
It really was my first  run at a prop like this, so taking that into consideration, I think he turned out great. I'm already planing the build of the next one.
The one thing I have to say is that I learned a lot through making this one, mostly through mistakes and things that didn't think about for the process.
For example:
  • Teeth: They will be made of something better than salt dough and will be installed LOOONG before I paint the mouth and  tongue. The teeth got in the way, though only the lower ones were installed, and made maneuvering the brushes almost impossible.
  • Jaw: I should have made this separate and attached it later. As I applied more mache and material, the jaw line started to blend a little too much with the neck and he came out looking a bit stocikier than planned.
  • Skin Texture: Was a bit rougher than I had hoped it would look....next one I'll move towards a smoother appearance and paint on a texture rather than try to make my own. This skin texture however would excel in another piece, something like a Stone/Dirt Monster or a Warty look.
Final pics tomorrow or the next day when the paint has dried and I've finished him off!