New Project: Dragon Trophy Head

Ever since I was a little kid, I always loved monsters. I'd always end up at the library looking at books in the mythology section (Dewey Dcecimal system's that for memory?). I'd sit there for hours going through all the pages looking at the images and different renderings of  mythological beasts, battles with the gods and all the great stories.
I was also an avid player of Dungeons and Dragons (Dewey Decimal system 793.73, actually had to look that one up but remembered it when I saw it) - big surprise there, I'm sure- and loved the same illustrations. I loved to imagine how the creatures could exist alongside one another and how they would look in real life.
I would have to say that a good part of who I am today is made up from that kid in the library. I've always doodled creatures in the margins of my homework and Halloween has always been my favorite part of the year. Not just because of the costumes, but to see these creations come to life.
And so, I've decided that since I have a bit of free time coming up over the next while, I'm going to start in on an old project I've always wanted: A Mythological Trophy Room!
And of course, the first piece will be something of a centerpiece, a dragon head.
From experience, I know that I like to start off bold and grand with my designs, and that's also why I end up failing almost immediately. That's why I'm starting off reasonable and attainable for my first piece.
A few months ago I downloaded a template for a poster board mounted deer head (LINK) with the intention of making that for my studio space. On closer inspection of the shape, I've seen that it can be modified to be just about anything with a neck and head.
image credit to Chronicle Books
I wanna turn something like the image above into something like the image below.
or this

and in a perfect world, something more like this