Dragon Trophy Update

I spent the last 2 days between the "Bent Cave" and the floor with couch cushions (I did something to my back...not happy with it) making bits and pieces for the dragon trophy.
I paper mache'd 4 balloons into egg shapes. and used the deer cutout (I mentioned in the previous post) to get the basic shape of the head the basic body framework of the dragon head itself.
Here's a shot of the eggs drying:
The eggs are going to be used to build up the mouth and crown area of the dragon.
This was my first time using chicken wire as a form for paper mache, Usually I just build it up layer after layer to get the shape I need, but with a project of this scale, chicken wire seemed the only option. Plus, it was a new skill to work with.
Here's a shot of the first wrappings of the chicken wire.
Yeah, it still kinda looks like a deer. Maybe if I add some paper mache, then it'll start looking dragon-ish....
hmmmm...not yet.....maybe if I add the horns on it, it'll stop looking like a deer....yeah, that's it!

Well, that was it! It no longer looks like a deer. We're talking...uhm...water buffalo? Bison?
I have a lot of work to do...