Dream 20

Below is a rough account of my dream that I had the night of April 11,2010. It's vivdity and highly engaging detail forced me to write it out. Please understand this was written as soon as I awoke so that I could capture any and all of the events. I've tried desperately to keep the timeline straight and the locations:

I was at a fashion show/some large event that was held in a ballroom around which were a lot of independant chambers. Kinda like the metro center, but on one level like the mormon church....more like the Mormon church in new glasgow. While in one of the side powder rooms with an English lady, whom I seemed to have great respect for (mid 50's, blondish red hair with something of a bob/barbara streisand hair cut, simple open jacket suit combo, kind eye, excellant voice....maybe the woman who did the costumes from WICKED....)I was speaking to her about something and I accidentally cut off the front portion to my eye. I was trying to remove an accessory/gem from my lid/crease in my brow and the blade was sharper than I thought, I had it too close to my eye and i slipped with it. also, was no able to wear my glassses for the procedure.

I cut the front off my left eye and looked at it in the sink. I cut the colour from my eye. The iris, colour of the eye and the lashes were all in one piece sitting in the bottom of the sink.. the lady told me that it would grow back bu tglazed over. was sturck with the fear that I would never again have bright eyes. But also, that I could now wear a patch legitimately kind of excited me.
Then I was at a Debutante's ball at the Halifax Club. All the men were wearing Red coats and powdered wigs in general and the women who wore lovely gowns.....looked a lot like the Patriot scene with Lord cornwallis wearing the 'horse blanket'.
I was sent to look after the twin boys ages 8, since i had done so well looking after one of the gentlemen's boys who stole a bow or ribbon or something from one of the ladies.
Looked after them and spoke with a girl who's date had not arrived and comforted her.
A man my age handed me a stack of 'cards' and said "Spades will get you everywhere/in every door." and I clutched a bunch of long thin metal playing cards.
I went down the back stairs and the basement was the same kinda layout as the Johnsons' basement back in abercrombie, except it was in The Halifax Club and thus it was a much farther distance from the bottom stair to the stone lined wall on the other side. The floor was painted a lighter grey colour and was heavily applied.
There was a piece of jute/twine running from the bottom hand rail that went through the wooden plank/steel plank door. the twine wetn through a small hole that was a demon's mouth case in steel/brass.
The string had to be pulled the right number of times. I peeked through the square hole around the twine and saw wimen and men on couches, fully clothed, hand jpbs and oral jobs.
Then i looked through the hole in the door and saw the sids of women's heads and jhair but managed to cacth glimpses of their faces in the mirror's thwy were getting ready in. whited out faced with french hoooker makeup. big red hair, plump ladies.
I pulled the twine and some looked up, expectantly. I pulled the first card/metal strip out of my hand and pilled the cord that number of times in total and the door swung outqward and open at me.
The women were getting ready on the left side and front, the women were hooking at the back from right to halfway left. From mid left to about halfway front left there were a few roes of tables and sewing machines and sergers whose threads came down from large spools in the ceiling joists.
The women were hooking so that they could have clothes to wear/makeup/fabrics and supplies to express who and what they were. there were some designers working at tables on the other side of the blowjobs.Brandt Eisnener was one of the sdesigners.also rupaul. Maybe Trevor VandenEiden. and myself. i think petrlidge was there too.....he was very sweet.
When I entered the room, they all started panicking and knew that they had to go, as I was sent by the men upstairs to clean this whole thing up, not destroy it, bt o make it more pallateable to the gentlemen and that they would sponsor the who endeavor that was happening, so long as a i cut the edges a bit and got rid of the people that were doing the nasty things outside of the original purpose. meaning, the hookers who were giving the money to the cause could stay and be models, and the ones who were using this as a base to stay sheltered without doing much had to go.
Brandt Eisnener was one of the sdesigners.also rupaul. Maybe Trevor VandenEiden. and myself. i think petrlidge was there too.....he was very sweet
When it all settled down, rupaul came to me and asked a rude question, which i snappe back with something, rather proud of myself. she could stay. Same as brandt, bu he wanted 5 assistansa and an entire team of 60, including myself and the other designers teams. I told him his entitre team could consist of four including hiom and that we would all work as a team and that we would switch groups from time to ime as the projects changed and people's skills were needed elsewhere.
Also a girl who looked a nbit like Chris Frazer's daughter who madea t shirt that had half a surboard that flipped dpown in the front."But she can't even sew a Hem in a dress?!?!" said one of the designers "We can show her how to do that, but I could never have shown her to make this surfboard tshirt from the old design." She was doing chin ups from the clothing rack. I then said 'Welcome!", hugged her and took her into the group.
We all began settin up the shop and cleaning it up and either Petrilidge or Ru Paul looked at me with concern and said "What happened to your eye? Are you ok?". I reached up and touched it, but there was a hardened brown leather patch over it with brass hooks and rings.